Current Portfolio

Arqit Quantum Inc supplies a unique quantum encryption Platform-as-a-Service which makes the communications links of any networked device secure against current and future forms of attack – even from a quantum computer.  Arqit’s product, QuantumCloud™, enables any device to download a lightweight software agent of less than 200 lines of code, which can create encryption keys in partnership with any other device.  The keys are computationally secure, one-time use and zero trust.  QuantumCloud™ can create limitless volumes of keys in limitless group sizes and can regulate the secure entrance and exit of a device in a group.  The addressable market for QuantumCloud™ is every connected device. Arqit trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbols ‘ARQQ’ and ‘ARQQW. Quantum Exponential have an option to be transferred 199,993 ordinary Arqit shares.

Siloton Limited is a technology company that uses quantum techniques and photonic integrated circuits for use in sub-surface optical scanning devices with applications across healthcare, and non-destructive testing. Specifically, Siloton is developing an at-home monitoring service for the 25% of over 60’s with age-related macular degeneration. This service will reduce the burden of treatment and while helping patients retain their sight for longer. Siloton’s service combines a next-generation diagnostic imaging device with cloud-based digital health tools that will enable clinicians to deliver an unparalleled quality of care to their patients. Quantum Exponential has invested as part of a seed funding round in Siloton and has a holding of 12.79%.


Aegiq (/ˈiːdʒɪk/, ee-jik) is using its pioneering single-photon and integrated quantum optics platform to build a new generation of networking and computing with quantum technology. This includes addressing the demand for next-gen fiber and satellite quantum communications, as well as driving further research and development in quantum computing and quantum optics using its advanced technology. 

Aegiq is a spin-out of the University of Sheffield, founded by a team consisting of CEO Dr. Max Sich, CTO Dr. Scott Dufferwiel, and CFO Andrii Iamshanov.   The company has secured funding from a number of investors including Innovate UK, part of UK Research & Innovation.   Quantum Exponential has a c 4.06% stake in Aegiq’s issued share capital on a fully diluted basis.  For more information about Aegiq visit: www.aegiq.com  


Universal Quantum is a company that was founded by scientists from the University of Sussex and it’s the third investment made by Quantum Exponential in a spin-out from a UK University. Universal Quantum is focused on creating the first million-qubit quantum computer. Its unique, electronic quantum computing modules are based on silicon technology where individual modules are connected using ultrafast electric field links to form an architecture that scales. From medicine to material science and much more, its work in the technology sector hopes to transform the world. Qubits are error-prone and difficult to control. As a result, quantum computers are unstable, complex systems. Quantum error correction, a collection of algorithms and techniques that identify and fix errors in quantum computers is used, but for such algorithms to work, the information stored in a single qubit is distributed across other supporting qubits. Quantum Exponential has invested £450,000 through an Advanced Subscription Agreement. 

One logical qubit is not enough to complete complex calculations to do something useful for society. At the very least, you need hundreds or thousands of logical qubits, each one supported by hundreds or thousands of physical qubits. This is where the requirement for millions of qubits comes from. 

Following the conversion its £450,000 investment , RNS 16 November 2023, Quantum will own 84,000 Shares in UQ representing 0.507% of UQ’s issued share capital.

QLM is a UK-based photonics technology company with headquarters in Cardiff and operations in Bristol and San Francisco, formed in 2017 with support from Bristol University’s Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre. QLM developed a new type of gas imaging camera – based on quantum technology developed at the University of Bristol – that combines lidar and gas absorption spectroscopy with single-photon detection. This novel imaging technology can detect, visualize, localize and accurately quantify emission rates of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The solution has demonstrated industry-leading quantification performance and enables customers in GHG-intensive industries to identify and prioritize the most consequential emitters for remediation in the most cost-effective manner. QLM’s lidar technology is inherently scalable to low cost at high volume, enabling wide deployment.

Oxford Quantum Circuits is one of Europe’s leading quantum companies. It brings quantum to its customers to enable them to make breakthrough discoveries. Its quantum computers are available via private cloud and on Amazon Braket making its computers available to millions of users. In 2022, Oxford Quantum Circuits raised £38 million – the UK’s largest ever Series A raise in quantum computing.

Delta g is a UK based company that has recently spun out of the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing at the University of Birmingham. The company is focused on developing a gravity gradiometer for scanning beneath the earth’s surface for utility mapping, smart cities, smart mining, and building information modelling (BIM). The technology is the world’s first quantum technology based gravity gradient capability to successfully detect buried features from their gravity profile alone. Gravity sensors have the potential to impact much of todays world for the better; reducing traffic jams by eliminating unnecessary roadworks, a reliable navigation alternative to GPS and improving the environment through better monitoring and models.